Introduction to ‘Ready, Aim, Hired’

To best view the demo, start with Chapter 1and then continue through each chapter. In each chapter, you will find audio files and exercises. In the book, there are 34-audio and video tracks by Fred on specific subjects in nearly every chapter. The book contains over 40 exercises, in a variety of formats, that are available. We have excerpted a portion of each chapter narrative. A few of the audio and exercise files have been activated. This book is based upon my belief that …

  • The job seeker is in a serious contest
  • The only rule – last person standing wins

With over 6% national unemployment, there are millions of people competing in the marketplace and possibly hundreds for the same job you wish to secure. You must stand out, be competitive, have the right tools and understand how to beat your competition. If you continue to use the tactics you are using now, will you be the last person standing and get the job? You can, if you will follow the tactics and exercises found in this book. Ready Aim Hired walks you, step-by-step, through the maize of the job search process. This book is the first of it’s kind in the career field. It contains notes from the author in audio and video formats supplementing the high-impact narrative. It is available in versions:

For a summary of the exercises, chapters and other career services we offer, use the tabs at the top of the page. I sincerely hope you enjoy the demo. Fred Coon, LEA, JCTC, CRW