NOTE: Exercises in BOLD are available in the demo. The rest of the exercises are available in a purchased copy.

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Chapter 1 Exercises

Exercise Title
1.1 Estimate Your Monthly Expenses and Average Job Search Time.
1.2 25 Rules Worksheet
1.2.1 Search Partner’s Rules
1.3 Available Weekly Search Hours
1.4 Create Daily Work Schedule
1.5 What are Your Goals?

Chapter 2 Exercises

Exercise Title
2.1 Personality Test
2.2 Life Balance Test
2.3 Career Health Test
2.4 Change Readiness Quiz
2.5 What’s Missing in Your Job Quiz
2.6 Rank the Characteristics of My Ideal Job.
2.7 Rank your Salary and Package Preferences.

Chapter 3 Exercises

Exercise Title
3.1 20-Second Quiz
3.2 Rank your Transferable Skills
3.3 Adaptive Traits
3.4 Establishing Your Top Skills & Traits.
3.5 Complete Resume Worksheets

Chapter 4 Exercises

Exercise Title
4.1 4000+ Key Action Words and Phrases
4.2 Action Words
4.3 Personal Trait Words
4.4 Instructions for Electronic Resumes
4.5 Example Resumes
4.6 Recommended Resume Books

Chapter 5 Exercises

Exercise Title
5.1 10 Target-Specific Industries
5.2 150 Companies
5.3 NAICS Codes

Chapter 7 Exercises

Exercise Title
7.1 FEAR Quiz
7.2 Actual Candidate Reference Check
7.3 Example Reference Letters
7.4 Candidate Marketing Profile

Chapter 8 Exercises

Exercise Title
8.1 Pre-Interview Questionnaire
8.2 Commonly Asked Interview Questions
8.2.1 Interview Stress Questions
8.3 Post-Interview Worksheet
8.4 Interview Thank-You Letter
8.5 Controlling the Interview and Eliminating Your Competition

Chapter 11 Exercises

Exercise Title
11.1 Potential Package Items
11.2 Analyzing a Job Offer
11.3 Job Advantages and Disadvantages
11.4 Total Compensation

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