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Choose a chapter above for more details This is no ordinary book. The hard-hitting narrative, powerful interactive exercises, 27 audio and video tracks and no-nonsense advice directly from the author leave you totally in control of your job search and career destiny. Get the job you deserve and make your move NOW!

CHAPTER 1: Getting Ready

Are you committed to your job search?Stand firm in that commitment and each day will bring you closer to achieving your career goals.Chapter 1 will help you to:

  • outline daily and weekly tasks
  • gather the necessary supplies
  • be accountable, by following the 25 rules
  • prepare for common pitfalls

There aren’t any shortcuts on the path to success.And your success depends on total dedication to the process. Ready to organize your game plan?Then let’s get started.  Back to Top

CHAPTER 2: Who Are You?

Are you making a living, or constructing a life?What drives and excites you, and what do you need from your career?Chapter 2 brings into focus those things that make you unique and will ultimately help you secure fulfilling employment. You will discover:

  • your personality traits
  • if your life has achieved balance
  • the current health of your career
  • how ready you are for change

The exercises supporting this chapter provide clues as to who you are, and help you focus on what you will bring to the negotiating table later on. Back to Top

CHAPTER 3: Why Should They Hire You?

Writing a resume requires prep work.Building upon previous exercises, you will now gain a comprehensive look at your transferable skills.You will focus on your top skills and adaptable traits.You will build SHARE stories.And at the end of this chapter, you will be able to communicate to you prospective employers why you are their next, most worthwhile investment. Another way of looking at this is to pretend that you are a product and the hiring authority is the buyer.A savvy buyer will notice attractive packaging.What lies beneath the wrapping is at the heart of their decision to purchase the product, or move on to the next product.What will convince a customer to invest in you?Your ability to solve problems, and your proven performance record, that’s what.We will help you identify your transferable skills.You will learn how to build compelling SHARE stories.When presented properly, watch your product fly off the shelf. Back to Top

CHAPTER 4: The Resume

The primary purpose of your resume is to secure an interview.But, there are do’s and don’ts to effective resume writing.Do you know

  • what kind of paper to use?
  • how long your resume should be?
  • how much you reveal about yourself?
  • what type of resume you will send?
  • when to put dates in and when not to?
  • how to submit electronic resumes?
  • how to properly format ASCII-Text?
  • how to properly quantify and state your skills?
  • whether or not to use an objective?

Utilizing the tools in this chapter will assist you in producing a qualitative view of your worth.Stock yourarsenal further by creating a heavyweight resume and cover letter. You are making your way to the arena.   Back to Top

CHAPTER 5: Who Needs You?

Competition is tougher than ever, and a global economy creates a demand in which all employees must contend.Identify your potential employers, research the hidden and visible job market, and conquer the opposition.Take control of your job search and you won’t be left behind.What message are you sending your prospective employer?A message that you have done your homework.Chapter 5 will guide you through the process of selecting your future company through careful research and assessment.   Back to Top

CHAPTER 6: Internet Research

How do you find something that is not obvious? And, Or, And/Or, Tilde, Astrix, and many other symbols will make the difference in whether or not you get the information you need to speed your job search and in many cases get to the right person behind “company” walls. Boolean search strings and logic are the key to finding anything that is hidden on the internet. If you want to know how to find information about companies, people, events or anything else, using the proper logic strings that work like magic. In this chapter you will learn techniques from simple to complex in finding hiring authority contact information and much, much more. Back to Top

CHAPTER 7: Getting Interviews

How do you secure an interview?Your approach is vital to the hiring process.This chapter outlines tested techniques for acquiring references, and tapping into the published and hidden markets.To help you maintain accurate records, a system is provided to keep track of your progress as you go.

  • Identify job search FEARS
  • Understand your competition
  • Identify and target the “Hiring Manager”

Act persistently and deliberately.Set positive goals.You will find yourself standing in the winner’s circle.Learn how in Chapter 7. Back to Top

CHAPTER 8: Controlling Your Interviews

You may think that your prospective employer is looking you over during the interview process. Actually, you are analyzing them and are in control all the way!How?This chapter will teach you how to gain and maintain control of an interview. And you must never leave an interview without asking the most important question, “Where do we go from here?”Timing and preparation is the key to this chapter and when you finish this chapter, you will absolutely be able to control the interview from the time you walk into the room through the offer they will make. Back to Top

CHAPTER 9: Behavioral Interviewing

Do you play well with others? Sounds simple. It is until you start hitting those behavioral interviews (40% of mid to upper level job interviews are now behavioral in nature) and you don’t have a clue as to what the questions mean much less how to answer them. This chapter focuses on helping you develop an approach to behavioral interviews and shows you how to structure your answers to eliminate your competition.

Back to Top

CHAPTER 10: The Power of Words

You are traveling on an outstanding career path. You live in a great location, and are happy with the package you negotiated. Now is not the time to be idle. Continue to build momentum and reap the benefits of all that you have sown. The rules laid out in Chapter 9, establish a solid foundation for your continued career success. Back to Top

CHAPTER 11: Negotiating Strategies That Work

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates the number of job seeking Americans over the age of 50 at 900,000. The Ready Aim Hired System„¢ will train you to create a positive and aggressive action plan, tailored to suit your needs. You provided evidence that makes you stand out from the competition – SHARE stories, a winning resume, thorough knowledge of the current market and the company’s background. The Hiring Manager makes you an offer. The table is set for negotiation. Learn how to:

  • set your salary range
  • analyze the compensation package
  • deliver a counter offer

Cultivate a win-win situation for you and your prospective employer. Back to Top

CHAPTER 12 : Leveraging New Media

Many people around the globe are users of Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. The secret is which one to use and when. The bigger secret is how to use them to create your brand and to make yourself valuable to the hiring authorities with whom you seek to have interviews. This chapter focuses on the basics of using these three mainstream websites to your advantage. We specifically focus on Linked In because it is the most-used tool in the world for recruiters who wish to locate passive candidates. Unfortunately, most job seekers simply put their bio and resume information on these sites and inadvertently eliminate themselves from ever being found or considered. We show you how to be seen in the right way. Back to Top

CHAPTER 13 : Post-Employment Rules

So, you are now employed and happily going about your business of working again. There are things you must do in order to ensure that you do not have a lengthy search next time. Next time? Oh yes, there will be a next time and you must prepare now to make sure that you have a short and fruitful search. Don’t know what the “rules” are for post-employment? Read this chapter and discover the things you must do to keep your career on track and viable. Back to Top

CHAPTER 14 : Thoughts About the 50+ Job Seeker

Baby boomers are now flooding the market and will continue to do so for some time to come. Competition is stiffer than it has ever been. People are working longer. Read this chapter to discover what Fred has to say about the 50+ worker, their future in the marketplace and how to maximize your personal potential, if you are in this category. Back to Top


To get from here to there, you need a roadmap. The ATS is your roadmap. It starts with a form that helps you track your target companies. Tracking and managing your network of contacts is critical to shortening your job search. Our forms allow you to track every contact and their referrals and their referrals, etc. Every week, you must complete tasks and coordinate your events. Our form categorizes those into groups of activities and you can track the amount and quantity of activity. The Week in Review form allows you to document your weekly accomplishments – again by major focus area. We have also provided a Campaign Calendar. One important aspect of your campaign is managing recruiter activity. Our tracking device is a must to keep up with this important tactic. These are the guides you need to track your progress and make sure what you want to happen, happens!