Ready … Aim … Hired!

My clients spend 40% less time looking for jobs than their peers. They also earn up to 35% more income using my interviewing and negotiating techniques. They suggested that I write a book so that job seekers, like you, could benefit from the same powerful, job-getting techniques I used to help them secure great paying jobs. I took their advice, put
my techniques, exercises, hard-nosed and sometimes humorous, advice in this book for you to use as your guide. In addition to the clients I have served, job seekers I don’t even know and career professionals across the country who have purchased the book, are stating that Ready Aim Hired is an easy-to-follow, results-driven guide with lots of interactive exercises, solid advice and powerful tactics for you to use, whether you are changing jobs or careers. But don’t take my word for it. Dick Bolles, author of What Color Is Your Parachute 2011 recommends it above all other books on comprehensive job search (read his review). Also, Take a look at the customer comments and the reviews of the book by career professionals and determine for yourself why it is getting rave reviews.

Here are only a few of the items contained in the book……

  • 25 audio tracks – comments by author on a variety of subjects
  • 40+ exercises – specifically for each search phase
  • Introduction and exit videos from author
  • 235 pages in 8.5″ x 11.0″ printed format
  • Most exercises in PDF, HTML and Excel formats
  • Easily printed and downloaded
  • 4000+ key words and phrases – resume writing and cover letters
  • Action phrases – useful for interview development
  • 50+ answers to toughest interview questions
  • Phone Scripts – what to say to get around the gatekeepers and more
  • Letter Pack – a letter for every occasion

There are many career books on the shelves today and, sometimes, it is difficult to decide which one will help you the most. To assist you in your decision, you may tour my book before you buy, explore the easy-to-follow layout of the chapters and even work some of the exercises before you purchase. No other book offers you this opportunity. Here is the plain truth about finding a new job. You are in a contest where there is only one winner. They will not hire two of you for the same job. Competition is really tough in today’s high-unemployment job market. You must know how to compete, beat your competition and secure the job and money you deserve. I will walk you through that entire process from start to finish. You can change jobs or careers easily and without the stress of the typical job search, if you know what to do and when to do it. You can win. All you need is professional guidance and the right tactics. My book, Ready Aim Hired, provides all this, and much more .