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Ready, Aim, Hired is inspiring, thorough, very detailed, practical, highly effective. I profited greatly from reading it, and among the dozens of books I am asked to review each year, this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. Good career coaches or counselors are made, not born. They are made by the constant interaction they have with their clients each week, from whom they learn the challenges and with whom they figure out the solutions, over the years. The good ones are made by what they notice, not just by what they see. Fred Coon is among the best in noticing, and by demanding the best from his clients, he helps them achieve the best, in their job-search and their lives. I liked particularly his main thesis: The process of getting hired is one of elimination. He/She who is left standing, wins. Four stars.
Dick Bolles, -Author, What Color Is Your Parachute 2011 with 10 million copies in print
This book meshes smoothly and powerfully into your high speed world. Just read the title. In three words, Fred Coon gives you the edge you must have in an economy where job searches take months. For 17 years, I’ve read and contributed to dozens of ‘how-to-get-a-job’ books. I post on blogs and write for trade magazines often.This book distills the essence from all those sources. It’s practical, comprehensive, and honest. Yet it’s completely adaptable to any career field, any industry, and nearly any level of experience. Congratulations on taking control of your career. You couldn’t have a better guide than Fred Coon.
Don Orlando is One of America’s first personal, professional career coaches , Former Charter Member, Board of Directors, Career Management Alliance, Monthly columnist: Professional Association of Resume Writers; regular contributor:, and is Published in more than 56 collections of the best resumes in the United States, Canada, and Australia.
The one word that best describes the newest edition of “Ready Aim Hired” is comprehensive. Fred Coon has done an excellent job providing his readers with a wealth of information essential in today’s remarkably competitive employment landscape. He takes you step-by-step through the job search – from how to PREPARE your campaign, how to POSITION yourself in the market and how to CAPTURE your next great career opportunity. My favorite inclusions are the valuable information on behavioral interviewing and the solid foundation on using social media to accelerate your search campaign to find a new job faster. This is a great buy for any job seeker.
Wendy S. Enelow, CCM, MRW, JCTC, CPRW Co-Founder & Director- Resume Writing Academy
“Having supported the senior and executive level career management and marketing field for 10 years now, as well as served as lead faculty for MBA career course development, I’ve not found another book that I would recommend more than Fred Coon’s “Ready Aim Hired.” The detailed counsel is strategic as well as tactical, extremely well researched – in short it’s simply a joy to read and put to use. My fellow faculty members and our MBA students value it above all others we’ve adopted in the past; a MOST relevant career resource in dealing with the difficulties of today’s job market.”
R. Kyle Stone, Lecturer and Executive Career Coach, Daniels College of Business, The University of Denver
“Once in a while a job search and career transition book appears in the already crowded market, which is so extensive that it leaves others far behind! Fred Coon has written such a book: ‘Ready, Aim, Hired’. If you sincerely do all the exercises in the book and absorb all the principles within it, you can rest assured that you will have learned all the state-of-the-art survival techniques which will enable you not to just survive, but to thrive!”
Don Sutaria, MS, IE - Founder & President, CareerQuest
“Finished the review of Ready Aim Hired… and in a word: WOW! I am impressed! You have done a FABULOUS job… I don’t think there is anything you overlooked or failed to address… the content is extremely comprehensive and takes the job seeker from the initial steps in the job search through on-the-job performance… the tools you’ve provided are excellent (and easy to access) and allow the job seeker to track and prepare for all phases of the search. I do not think it would be a stretch to say that anyone who uses your book, the advice / tools provided, and invests the time, should be successful in positioning themselves well ahead of their competition.” Certified Professional Resume Writer Internationally Certified Job & Career Transition Coach Certified Employment Interview Professional Certified Career Management Coach Co-Chair, 2002 International Career Development Conference, Irvine, CA Presenter, 2001 International Career Development Conference, Seattle, WA Speaker, 2000 PARW International Convention, Toronto, Canada Speaker, 2000 NRWA National Convention, Las Vegas, NV Member, Career Planning & Adult Development Network Publishing Credits: – Knock ’em Dead Resumes – Knock ’em Dead Cover Letters – Cover Letter Magic – America’s Top Resumes for America’s Top Jobs Featured in “Home Office Computing” and “The Home Office…” on PBS
Vivian VanLier, CPRW, JCTC, CEIP, CCMC
“Thank you for your wonderful contribution to career health of many people. To paraphrase Matthew Fox, in his ‘Reinventing Work’ wh
en people lose their jobs or are not working, they receive a message from the universe that their contributions are not needed. Your book is a much-needed reference to encourage others to take a much-needed time out, to find out where their greatest joy meets the world’s greatest needs.”
Maureen White, - University of San Francisco
CLIENT RESULTS 2010 Mike W. – 5 Month Search – $40K First Year Bonus Guarantee Charlie J. – 3 Month Search – $675,000 Package – Negotiated $1 Million in Three Years Ted S. – Industry Change – 5 Month Search – $20K Signing Bonus – 11% Salary Increase Scott M. – CFO – Industry change – $150K Base – 90 Day search Carol D. – $10K igning Bonus – $235K Base Salary – $77K Bonus 1st Year Guaranteed Jeff M. – Age 61 – 4 month search – $178K Base Salary Gary S. – $20K Salary Increase – 90 Day Search – 100% Bonus In Writing Katherine H. – $135K = Bonus Guarantee – $10K Salary Increase Steve S. – $130K Base – Career Path Defined – 2.5 Months In Search Tim H. – 17 Years With Same Company, No CPA Certification – changed Functions – Results – $19K Salary Increase – 90 Day Search H.H. – Fortune 500 Background – 6 Week Search = $210K Base – 45% Bonus Susan K. – COO – Industry change – $200K Base – 40%+ Bonus Guaranteed In Writing Paul F. – 5 mOnth Search – $30K Salary Increase – No Commute Neil B. – 4 Years Out of Market – 4.5 Month Search – $15K Signing Bonus Larry S. – $180K Base – 30% Bonus – 40% Lont-Term Incentive – 6 Month Severance There are too many results to list – Enjoy The Book and Your New Job!